One of our most older games, based on the Six Limiting Factors. This game gets you working with your team to create a product, write contracts, deliver quality and scale your business as fast as you can. There is unlimited demand, you have a started budget and it is your job to open the distribution channels, create the product, do the marketing, and manage the team as you build rapidly under pressure. You need to manage the payroll, inventory overhead and channel management. There is to much to be done for one person so plan who you want to play with, get them committed and get ready to get Back To Black!

Clinton Swaine, CEO

Clinton is the Founder and CEO of Frontier Trainings, the world leader in experiential business trainings and creator of over 200 online games, now being converted for online play!!
Learn How To Write Contracts to Build a Thriving Business

 Back To Black OL - Dates and Times 

Event (4 Hours)
02:00 AM 27th FEB - US Pacific Time
03:00 AM 27th FEB - US Mountain Time
04:00 AM 27th FEB - US Central Time
05:00 AM 27th FEB - US Eastern Time
10:00 AM 27th FEB - UK Time
03:30 PM 27th FEB - India Standard Time
05:00 PM 27th FEB - Jakarta Time
06:00 PM 27th FEB - Malaysia/Singapore
09:00 PM 27th FEB - Melbourne, Sydney
11:00 PM 27th FEB - New Zealand

If you are coming to Back To Black then the expectation is that you will attend the entire 4 hours. Students will be actively participating in teams during this game and will be working collaboratively to build a business. We will be using Discord and Zoom to play this game so you will need to have downloaded Discord before hand and gone through the tutorial we will provide to maximize your value from this exercise. We will begin the game in Zoom and then migrate everyone over to Discord to play the game. It is estimated that the game will last 3 hours with a 30 minute debrief back in Zoom to discuss everything that was learned. Please make sure you prepare yourself with snacks and drinks to you can stay focused on the game. 

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