Most people running a business are lucky to survive the first year let alone the first five years. To create a Business Empire you need to think big and I mean really big. What does it take to become global? To create impact around the world? In this course we play a number of games that have had profound impact on the students for the last 18 years. This course is transformational and allows students to grow and expand, challenge their beliefs about themselves and start putting a plan together to grow larger than they thought possible.

Clinton Swaine, CEO

Clinton is the Founder and CEO of Frontier Trainings, the world leader in experiential business trainings and creator of over 200 experiential games.
Build and Expand Your Global Empire

 Business Empire - Dates and Times

Day 1
9am-11pm (14 Hrs)

09:00 AM 18th JUN - OZ Time

Day 2 
9am-11pm (14 Hrs)

09:00 AM 19th JUN - OZ Time

Day 3
9am-11pm (14 Hrs)

09:00 AM 20th JUN - OZ Time

Day 4
9am-7:30pm (10.5 )

09:00 AM 21st JUN - OZ Time

Introduction to Business Empire
When I started doing training I never intended to build a global empire. Once I started however, I could see the opportunities and challenges and made the commitment to do it. One of my favorite quotes is from Queen Victoria who is reputed to have said "The Sun Never Sets On The British Empire". Frontier is in the same situation (although significantly smaller), with operations in the US, UK, Australia, Singapore and Malaysia. Somewhere in the world 24/7 someone is thinking, acting or applying skills from Frontier. 

This was actually the equal first course I created as part of Frontier. It even preceded Play To Win. I created this course because T. Harv Eker told me if I was going to be on his stage I needed a three day course to sell into. The business expanded rapidly from there. We expanded to UK, Australia and later India, Malaysia and Singapore. Was it easy going? No. There are lots of challenges being international such as visas, transport, overhead etc that makes it much harder. It might even seem more lucrative in the beginning to stay local. I knew I was a global traveler so it was just a matter of time before I would be on the road and loving it. 

In this course we play some of the oldest games in Frontier but also some of the most beloved that have been around since the very beginning. Many students remember the games with both joy and trepidation. Why trepidation? These games challenge your beliefs and abilities and what seem like easy tasks are not so easy to complete at all. 

This course will help you get clearer what you want and why you want it? You want large number of employees working for you? Great. You want a Digital Nomad lifestyle? Great. Be prepared to stretch your mind and beliefs to make that happen and lets start laying out the blueprints for your goal to succeed. I look forward to seeing you there.  

This course is now Gamified and a Grand Champion may be awarded to a student who reaches the lofty points required to earn this medal. There will also be a Social Media Mogul medal available for those that wish to train and master social media marketing. 
Hybrid Training
Frontier is now running hybrid training allowing members from all around the world to participate. We have obviously mastered running live events and had great success at doing online events and games as well. Combining them when the room is so interactive is still so challenging. Please understand that breakdowns may occur and we will do our best to overcome them. 

The nature of the training will mean that some exercises will not translate to online and therefore we will let you know in advance so you can get rest during this time. We know that being a hybrid event it is hard to be there for the entire event. Do your best and we appreciate you showing up and connecting to members all around the world. 

We are going to operate the normal audience interaction through Zoom and will provide a zoom link as part of the registration process. We will operate the games through Discord just like the online version. That way we can handle breakout rooms easily and you will be able to connect to the students in the room on computer. Some groups will be entirely online, others joint. 

For Lords of Plantasia (Advanced Version) we will not be having online Lords or Ladies. You are welcome to participate and work on the team creating resources, writing contracts and adding value in anyway you can. 

We look forward to you being involved in our hybrid events as they grow and expand globally. 
Online Expectations 
For those attending online, we will do our best to keep a running schedule of what is happening during the course so you can plan what part of the course you wish to attend. Be patient. We are gradually building up the crew needed to handle the extra workload of running the hybrid system in the class. 

If you are going to participate in a game it is expected you will be there from the beginning of the game until the end of the game regardless of the time zone you are in. You will be on a team and they will be counting on you. 

While the stage is in use you will be positioned in the room where you can see the whole stage. We will make it so you can will be able to participate in sharing through the microphone and have the screen turned around so all the students will be able to hear you.  We will monitor the chat as best as possible and plan to be able to see you with hands raised to interact with you in the room. 

This is not a listening-in type event while you are walking around the grocery store or driving in your car. if you are participating online we expect you to be in one location and focused on the event. 
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