Come and experience four days of focused stage training to help you dramatically improve your stage skills. Whether you are a seasoned professional wanting to go to the next level or desire to be a full time speaker, come and experience the work of Clinton Swaine. The investment for this program is $3,995 for the four days. It is included for Frontier Members. If you register and are not yet a member then we will contact you to arrange tuition payment. This course is challenging and is fully experiential allowing you to walk away with skills you can apply immediately to your speaking to get incredible results. 

Clinton Swaine, CEO

Clinton is the Founder and CEO of Frontier Trainings, the world leader in experiential business trainings and creator of over 200 online games, now being converted for online play!!
Learn Foundations of Becoming a World Class Speaker.

 UK Dynamic Impact - Dates and Times

Day 1 
April 18th
9am-11pm (14 Hrs)

Day 2 
April 19th
9am-11pm (14 Hrs)

Day 3
April 20th
9am-11pm (14 Hrs)

Day 4
April 21st
9am-7:30pm (10.5 )

There are thousands of aspiring speakers as well as all those currently out there in the market place teaching on a daily basis. Speaking is not a skill you just get better at through repetition, it is a skill you must drill, train and develop. Only a small number of speakers would be considered World Class. What separates the great speakers from the good and average ones? 

Imagine walking onto a stage with thousands of people in the audience, except they do not understand a word you speak because you are in another country. Your translator is in another room and is doing their best to translate everything to the audience. You ask a question of the audience and raise your hand and then....nothing....for about ten seconds until the translator has caught up and then every hand in the room goes straight up. How would it be to be captivating even in a foreign language? That was my experience speaking in parts of India. 

I have been speaking around the world for the last 18 years and stood on stages with 3200 participants and played games, had incredible levels of interaction. None of it was an accident. I studied, modelled the best and looked constantly to improve my abilities as a speaker. I exhausted the list of the best speakers in the world and began to create my curriculum to give my students a chance to grow rapidly as a speaker and head towards world class standards. 

In this four day course we focus on the world class skills that separate the best from the rest. Each skill in the training room is broken down, explained, demonstrated and then the students get to execute the techniques and then integrate it into their own presentations. There is a lot of interaction, valuable feedback and sharing. Students receive a manual to fill out during the event so they have notes to review when the course is over.

So if you're ready to transform your speaking skills or refresh skills previously learned through Frontier Trainings then come and join  for us Dynamic Impact. 

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