Living Visionary Leadership is an amazing four day course that focuses on the relationship between your leadership and your team. Being a leader is not for everyone and the pressure is often intense and not understood by those working for the company. Being a Visionary is about seeing what doesn't yet exist and being able to share that vision with others. The Visionary Leader is one who not just shares but makes it happen.  This course normally sells for 3997 USD/GBP as a stand alone program and is included in as part of membership in Frontier. 

Clinton Swaine, CEO

Clinton is the Founder and CEO of Frontier Trainings, the world leader in experiential business trainings and has taught business building skills all around the world.
Learn Foundations of Keys of Successful Leadership

 Living Visionary Leadership [1] - Dates and Times

Day 1
FEB 19, 2023   9:00am-11pm
Day 2
FEB 20, 2023   9:00am-11pm
Day 3
FEB 21, 2023 9:00am-11pm
Day 4
FEB 22, 2023  9:00am-8pm
Do you have a dream or a vision you would like to materialize in the world?
Would you like to be able to create a high performing organization even in challenging times?
Do you want to be flexible as a leader to produce the greatest possible outcomes?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, then Living Visionary Leadership is for you.

Living Visionary Leadership is an incredible course that teaches the experience of leadership through hands on games and processes. Rather than just hear theory you get to listen to cutting-edge concepts and then get to implement those concepts under pressure to deliver real results. Leadership is not easy in the best of times. We are not facing the best of times right now. Many businesses have gone under, organizations are operating in a very decentralized model and financial pressures are bearing done on so many organizations. There are organizations that are thriving in this environment. With great leadership, strategic thinking and a championship team these organizations are getting great results and seeing an improved bottom line. 

This course has two parts. The first part focuses on being a Visionary. A Visionary is one sees something that does not currently exist in the world in vivid details so they can share it with other people and enroll them into helping the vision manifest. The second part focuses on the leadership, that once you have a lot of people wanting to help manifest the vision, how do you shape them into a powerful force that will produce results. Being a Visionary is fulfilling and exciting. Enrolling people into that vision can be terrifying and stressful. 

Leadership will challenge you in ways you never thought possible. The saying 'Heavy Is the Head Who Wears The Crown' is very apt for those who have experienced being a leader in Lords of Plantasia. Many people at a lower level in the business do not understand the pressure a leader is under and sometimes it can get lonely at the top. 

In the games in this course, you get to be a leader in every game. The leaders rotate throughout the game to make sure they get to experience leadership at some point in the game. The leader who starts out the game will have a different role than the leader who manages and the leader who finishes the game. So choose wisely. Look forward to seeing you step up into leadership. 
Awards and Recognition
Clinton Swaine was recently given the honor of receiving the Brand Icon Leadership Award for outstanding leadership in the field of training and development. This award comes after 19 years of delivering world-class trainings around the world to impact the businesses and lives of their owners. 
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