Being able to mesmerize an audience of any size is a skill obtained by so few speakers in the industry. Imagine the audience giving you full and undivided attention, watching everything you are doing, devouring every piece of valuable content you are giving them and so captivated they rush out on the breaks to share it on social media and with the friends and family. Some say children have low attention spans, but put a child in front of some computer games and they are lost for five to ten HOURS and skip eating and even going to the bathroom. How do we create that level of fanatical devotion to something educational. That is what Mesmerize Me is a study is art of mesmerization.  

Clinton Swaine, CEO

Clinton is the Founder and CEO of Frontier Trainings, the world leader in experiential business trainings and creator of over 200 experiential games.
Learn and Train The Secrets To Mesmerize Your Audience 

 Mesmerize Me - Dates and Times

Day 1 - 22nd Jul 2023 09:00 AM - 11:00 PM  (MYT) 

Day 2 - 23rd Jul 2023 08:00 AM - 11:00 PM  (MYT)

Day 3 - 24th Jul 2023 08:00 AM - 7:30 PM  (MYT)

To attend you need to commit being there for the entire event. The skills taught build upon one another and involve group and team activities. There is a one hour lunch break and dinner break although these are to get a quick bite and work on the home work given for the breaks. It is intensive, but prepare for explosive growth.
What mesmerizes us? Being mesmerized is being in an almost hypnotic state of devoted attention. So consumed by our focus that all else fades into oblivion including time. Computer games can do this, being in love can do this and many other areas where we wonder where time disappeared. 

In this course we do ten different exercises including tapping into five different archetypes where people can be mesmerized. 

MAGICIAN - From the Magician we learn about suspense, intrigue, sleight of hand and insane levels of curiosity. All of these dramatically increase our ability to be mesmerized. It is why children can sit and ooh and aah as magicians pull coins from ears, cut decks of cards in half and saw a woman in two. 

GYPSY - From the Gypsy we look into the unknown, our unknown and the fact it is personal is what makes it so captivating. We face fear, hope, doubt all combined into an anxiety-woven desire. This swirling of emotions on the flip of each card can hold our attention and all of our dreams. The change of tonality can spell boom or doom, a thriller or a terror. 

WIZARD - From Gandalf and Saruman, Harry Potter and Voldermort to a Sorceress and witches the ability to cast spells is mesmerizing. Arcane knowledge, the occult, mystery and power are wrapped together into the this archetype. Unknown boundaries, unlimited impact and destiny changing abilities make the Wizard archetype one to study.

PRESIDENT - An inspiring presidential speech which overcomes our fears, unites us together against a common enemy, reassures us of our ability to conquer and give us confidence in the leader all create the ability to mesmerize. Not all Presidents or President Elects have this power but those that do can strike a chord, move the masses intrigued by the sheer power of a President of a nation.

ADVENTURER - The Adventurer archetype lives on the edge of death and it is this vulnerability, the risking of life and limb over something greater than themselves is what makes them so mesmerizing. Indiana Jones about to be crushed under a rolling boulder or shot by a thousand natives, or strapped to a bomb, in a pit with snakes, covered in deadly spiders, sealed in a tomb forever. The list goes on. We know the hero will escape but we cannot leave until we know they are safe and that is what makes it so mesmerizing.

In the course we get to train exercises on each of these archetypes and five other exercises so by the end of it we can understand how to create material which can tap into these skills and mesmerize any audience we choose. I look forward to seeing you at Mesmerize Me.

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