Clinton Swaine, CEO

Clinton is the founder and trainer for the Millionaires' Market, the worlds leading online investment simulation. 
Learn Investing in the Worlds #1 Online Investment Simulation
The Millionaires' Market is growing rapidly and we are now booking games well in advance. We have expansion plans in place to be able to ensure we can have hundreds of people playing this game at the same time and sharing their knowledge, insights and wisdom from this market simulation. it is best experienced with friends and colleagues so please invite them and join as an Investment Team.

Read all the information below to see if this game is right for you and you are ready to immerse yourself into a world of deal making, finance and Joint Ventures. If so scroll down to the dates that work and Register.
What is the Millionaires' Market
The Millionaires' Market Game was an in-room investment training simulation that has now been turned online so a greater number of students around the world can get access to these tools. It covers a very wide range of asset classes, market conditions and is a facilitated game so it is very different every time you play it. New modules are being added continuously to match its in-room version.
What You Will Learn
Deal Analysis and Evaluation
Financial Management 
Accounting and Bookkeeping
Negotiation and Deal Making
Partnerships and Joint Ventures
Market Conditions and Strategies
Dealing with Crisis and Events
How To Get Maximum Value
Be Focused on the Briefing Calls
Participate Fully In The Game
Be Hungry For Coaching
Make Notes and Ask Question
Do NOT miss the Debrief
Play as often as possible
Time Commitment
The Millionaires' Market Game requires commitment for you to be eligible to play. There are three parts and you need to be able to commit fully to all three parts to participate. The First is the 2 Hour Briefing where we guide you through the tools we will be using to play. Following day we play the game for four hours. Next day we do a 90 minutes in depth debrief of the game and all the learning each student got by playing the game. 
What You Will Need
Access to Googlesheets
Desktop Computer
Discord (For communication)
Headphones (For Better Sound)
Extra Computer (Optional)
Commitment for all three Sessions
Focus and a Desire To Learn
Who Should Not Play...
If you are Uncoachable 
If you are always Confused 
If you hate technology 
If you are impatient & easily stressed
If you hate numbers and money
If you don't like working with people
If you are annoying and obnoxious
For most people flying on an airplane can be challenging at the best of times especially if the plane hits any turbulence. Could you imagine if your pilot announced that he and your entire flight team were brand new and this was their first ever flight and they were glad you on board? The idea is terrifying. Flight Simulators were created to train pilots to face all the unusual and unexpected challenges that can come up when flying because the risk of a mistake to the airplane let alone everyone on board is too much to handle. Simulators save lives. Simulators for your business save you money the same way because you face unexpected circumstances and can adapt and train the skills well before you ever face them. 
What if you had to go in for a major and life-saving surgery and the nurse said 'Welcome. Everything is going to be great Dr. Johansson was a great student and scored 100% on his written exam and you get to be his first actual patient.' If that was me I might be looking for another Doctor very quick. We want experience from other people yet are happy to invest with little or no experience in dealing with the unforeseen challenges that come along. It is not the issue of getting it right that is the problem it is all the unforeseen risks and hidden challenges that can sideswipe the best of intentions.  If life just worked according to the book nearly everyone would be a successful investor!!  It is for this reason that doctors train on cadavers versus reading books and assist long before they take the lead.

What Students Are Saying...

Seth & Taylor Flower, TX, USA

Nancy Mayer, UT, USA

Yang Xu, Melb, Australia

What Students Experienced...

It is difficult to describe the Millionaires’ Market Game in a few sentences without doing it injustice. It is a simulation of the property investment market with all its exhilarating potential as well as complexities and pitfalls. Therefore by playing it, one gets to hone the necessary skills to invest well, experience the costly mistakes in the game so as to avoid them in real life and test drive ideas before putting down real money on them. Deal analysis, negotiation, understanding financing are just a few of the many aspects that I am beginning to gain knowledge in through playing the game again and again. There are different lessons and questions that come up each time I play- whether about properties, general investment or about myself and my mindset. The biggest benefit however, has been being able to learn with and learn from a community of members, some of whom are already investors, some are not yet but everyone is driven to succeed.

Sandy Yeo, Singapore
The Millionaires' Market has so many different learning elements : accountancy, contracts, insurance, leadership, negotiations, joint ventures are just a few of the concepts and skills we can gain from playing. I keep learning new things each time I play and no two games are the same. Clinton changes the game and adds new things making sure that we encounter different hurdles and work out how to deal with them. 

It is an investment game that keeps you on your toes for hours. It is an excellent way for us to practice real life scenarios so that one day, when we encounter them in real life, it will be our second nature to know what to do!!!

Coco Wong, KL, Malaysia
I have played this game 8 times and every time I play I learnt different lessons. This game has had a huge impact to my financial life, especially in planning to prevent the unwanted events that will give a gigantic financial loss. I choose to keep playing this game to learn more about real life related lessons.

Sutarno Kho,    Medan- Indonesia
The Millionaires’ Market may sound like a game, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. It’s a game that teaches and trains on many aspects of business, management, operations, strategy, teamwork, accounting, contracts, risk management, investments among others. The game mirrors the real world closely, making it a superior simulation to fail safely. I have played this game over and over again, and each time I learn different things. Millionaires’ Market is a multi-layered and multi-faceted game and I highly recommend it to investors, business owners, team managers and anyone who wants to learn more about investment, real estate, business, finance, personal financial management and teamwork. - 

Andy Heng, Singapore
After playing this game for 9 weeks I can say there is not another experience out there that allows you to simulate the steps of investing in a better way! Millionaires' Market gives you all of the good and bad experiences of investing in a safe environment; so that when you go to the real world you are as prepared as you can be to be a successful investor! 

On top of that it has allowed me to have high level of thought and conversation with my 14 year old son that we never would have had without this game! 

Seth Flowers, Texas, USA

Game [30] Millionaires' Market - Dates and Times


Briefing (2 Hour)
01:00 AM TBD - US Pacific DL Time
03:00 AM TBD  - US Central DL Time
04:00 AM TBD  - US East Daylight Time
09:00 AM TBD  - UK Time
02:30 PM TBD  - India Standard Time
05:00 PM TBD  - Malaysia/Singapore
08:00 PM TBD  - Melbourne, Sydney
10:00 PM TBD  - New Zealand
Game (4 Hour) 
01:00 AM TBD  - US Pacific DL Time
03:00 AM TBD  - US Central DL Time
04:00 AM TBD  - US East Daylight Time
09:00 AM TBD  - UK Time
02:30 PM TBD  - India Standard Time
05:00 PM TBD  - Malaysia/Singapore
08:00 PM TBD  - Melbourne, Sydney
10:00 PM TBD  - New Zealand
Debrief (2 Hour)
01:00 AM TBD  - US Pacific DL Time
03:00 AM TBD  - US Central DL Time
04:00 AM TBD  - US East Daylight Time
09:00 AM TBD  - UK Time
02:30 PM TBD  - India Standard Time
05:00 PM TBD  - Malaysia/Singapore
08:00 PM TBD  - Melbourne, Sydney
10:00 PM TBD  - New Zealand
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