Clinton Swaine, CEO

Clinton is the Founder and CEO of Frontier Trainings, the world leader in experiential business trainings and creator of over 200 online games, now being converted for online play!!
Learn Game Creation in the Worlds #1 Online Game Design Course For Trainers & Speakers

 PowerPlay Online [2] - Dates and Times

Day 1 (6 Hours)
09:00 AM 13th JAN  - US Pacific Time
11:00 AM 13th JAN  - US Central Time
12:00 PM 13th JAN  - US Eastern Time
05:00 PM 13th JAN - UK Time
10:30 PM 13th JAN - India Standard Time
01:00 AM 14th JAN - Malaysia/Singapore
04:00 AM 14th JAN - Melbourne, Sydney
06:00 AM 14th JAN - New Zealand
Day 2 (6 Hours) 
09:00 AM 14th JAN - US Pacific Time
11:00 AM 14th JAN - US Central Time
12:00 PM 14th JAN - US Eastern Time
05:00 PM 14th JAN - UK Time
10:30 PM 14th JAN - India Standard Time
01:00 AM 15th JAN - Malaysia/Singapore
04:00 AM 15th JAN - Melbourne, Sydney
06:00 AM 15th JAN - New Zealand
For many trainers it has been incredibly tough dealing with shrinking room sizes or for many complete shutdown of their training rooms and forcing them to move online to attempt to deliver their trainings. If as a trainer you were used to engaging your audience through some activities to create greater learning, then attempting to teach on zoom has been a challenging experience for most. 

My name is Clinton Swaine. I have been a full time trainer for 16 years and taught in 32 countries. I am considered the foremost expert in the world when it comes to creating games for the training room and have created over 206 games that I use in my 27 different courses that I teach. I have taught games to classes up to 3200 all playing the same game at the same time. I use costumes, props, lighting, custom written music and much more to immerse my students into the experiential environment that I teach.

Prior to running my training company I ran a successful software development company specializing in database management. I wrote software for about 32 different industries and got to understand data structuring, data manipulation and user design to ensure that the user had a seamless data entry experience. I bring all that experience into PowerPlay to help you get the results you are looking for from your training company. 

Plato said you can tell more about someone from a day of games than you can from a year of talking. Games bring out a person's real character. If they are loud and obnoxious it will come through, it they are quiet and reserved it will come through as well. When people play games they allow their real feelings, attitudes and underlying mindset to be revealed. 

I have taught students in my course PowerPlay in the training room, how to create powerful, life transforming games. The live course runs over four days and normally sells for $9,995 USD and everyone who commits to it during the course completes a professionally designed and documented game.

Since we can not be live in the training room I started running my programs online. I have run since March almost every weekend online versions of my training games. The lessons were profound. The value of the data that we can capture using the technology layer of online interactivity allows for very impactful debriefs. It allows us to scrutinize students performance in a way we can only work with a smaller number of students in a live training environment. 

We need to look to the future. For now online is the absolute way to go, with the highest level of engagement we can get. In the future live training rooms will return and we are faced with the dilemma of integration between online and live training into a hybrid training. It will change the core dynamic of trainers when you have 200 students in the room and 400 students online and yet they can seamlessly play games, interact and participate. It will require reinvention of our skills and abilities to be able to deliver our valuable material to the students. 

PowerPlay is your introduction into the world of online games for trainers. I am not talking about partner shares. I am talking about immersive games that fully engage your students for hours, with each one coming away having participated, engaged, interacted and learned through hours of structured education online. Your educational material transferred into highly interactive material that students can learn from and want to repeat and dive deeper and deeper into your material. 

In this course I introduce experiential game techniques and gamification methodologies that I have use to make many millions of dollars as a trainer. We also address the technical issues that you face as you move your material online to create the engagement that produces the results you are looking for. 

Prior to coming on the course I will do a half an hour intake call with you to ensure the program is right for you. If you feel after that call that I have nothing to offer you and you will not get the value from the program then I will refund your money no questions asked. Students never ask for refunds because after half an hour they can see such huge value that they get ready to dive into the material and absorb as much as possible. 

My methods are unusual, unorthodox and outside of the box. My results are extraordinary, profound and life-changing. I know that this two days alone will give you a whole new perspective of your own material. THERE IS NO CONTENT I HAVE COME ACROSS THAT I CANNNOT GAMIFY!!! Once you start learning about gamification of your material, there is no looking back. You CANNOT look at your material the same way. 

So if you're ready to transform your material, increase your engagement through the roof and get profound, measurable results from your students then come and join me for PowerPlay Online. 

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