Welcome to Sales Mastery. Sales is the one skill that will support you for life. Other skills date and change but your ability to sell and close sales will enable you to write your own ticket for life. It is not easy to become a Master of Sales but the journey is totally worth it as you get to plan the lifestyle you want for your life. If you are great at sales, then keep training and 'Sharpening the Saw' so you can stay on top of your game. Your investment into this course is only $3,997. It is included for all members of Frontier Trainings Entrepreneurial School of Excellence or Mastery Membership. For more information, scroll down. 

Clinton Swaine, CEO

Clinton is the Founder and CEO of Frontier Trainings, the world leader in experiential business trainings and creator of over 200 online games, now being converted for online play!!
Learn Foundations of Becoming a Master of Sales

Day 1

Dates - 20th MAY 2024 
Times - 9 AM - 11 PM 

Day 2

Dates - 21st MAY 2024 
Times - 9 AM - 11 PM 

Day 3

Dates - 22nd MAY 2024 
Times - 9 AM - 11 PM 

Day 4

Dates - 23rd MAY 2024 
Times - 9 AM - 8 PM
Sales Mastery is an incredible program where we dive deeper into the sales process. We play a variety of different games where we look at how to extract value and differentiation and then to be able to build a powerful presentation around it, regardless of what you are selling. Sales is the one skills that will help you generate money.  We deal with the fear of selling and help people build unshakeable confidence in their ability to sell so they are excited to get out into the market and start closing deals. We also give you a lot of skills and tools and weave them into your live presentation and into your copy so that customers have few objections and then we work on handling those objections so you close more deals. We also discuss networking, lead generation, as well as a variety of powerful drills to turn you into an Automated Closing Machine. 

The investment for this course is $3,997. Once you have registered the team will contact you and send details how to pay for your tuition. Tuition must be paid for in full prior to entering the classroom. It is included for all Entrepreneurial School of Excellence and Mastery Members of Frontier. 
Awards and Recognition
Clinton Swaine was recently given the honor of receiving the Brand Icon Leadership Award for outstanding leadership in the field of training and development. This award comes after 19 years of delivering world-class trainings around the world to impact the businesses and lives of their owners. 
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