Sourcery is a class based on Strategic Manifestation. It is a class about planting yourself into your future and creating a future that is so compelling that it will begin to manifest around you. Watch as dreams you have had start to materialize, you visit places you have thought about for a long time and many of your material desires to appear in your life. It is VERY powerful, so be careful what you wish for. 
This course normally sells for 2997 USD/GBP as a stand alone program and is included in as part of membership in Frontier. If you are not a member and register we will follow up with you for payment prior to you entering into the class. 

Clinton Swaine, CEO

Clinton is the Founder and CEO of Frontier Trainings, the world leader in experiential business trainings and has taught business building skills all around the world.
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San Diego Sourcery - Dates and Times

Dates and Times
DAY 1 - FEB 23, 2024 PST   9:00am-11pm
DAY 2 - FEB 24, 2024 PST   9:00am-11pm
DAY 3 - FEB 25, 2024 PST   9:00am-8pm
If you are going to be attending sourcery it is expected that you are there all three days for the entire duration of each day. For this course, the material builds from one section to the next and missing ANY sections can severely put your behind the other students. It is also involves group work and your group needs to be able to count on you to be there. 
Do you want to be able to manifest the life of your dreams?
Would you like to be able to manifest easily and effortlessly?
Do you want to be able to spend more time enjoying life than working for the future?

If you answered Yes to any of these three questions then you are in the right place. Sourcery took just over four years to finally come together from its initial conception. The course is amazing, powerful and transformative. It is actually a non-perturbation course meaning there is nothing in the course designed to perturbate the students, however the students can certainly perturbate themselves through their action and/or inaction. 

In this course we move from the discussions of goal setting to manifestation and how to find the magic in your lives even when it feels like it is not there. We move into a powerful guided visualization that helps evoke images of your future and moves you into a space of preparing for the magic that is about to happen. We then begin creating our unique powerful vision boards that are like none others out there taught in the marketplace and this is just the beginning. 

We then work with our vision boards and make powerful connections to the images and create timelines to create that image into our life. We then follow with other powerful processes to accelerate the process. 

If you want more in life and are prepared to line up your energy with the greatest creative forces in the universe then come and join us for Sourcery and tap into the power of Source.

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