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Game [3] TrackIt - Dates and Times

Game (5 Hour +)
03:00 AM 23rd APR - US Pacific Time
04:00 AM 23rd APR - US Mountain Time
05:00 AM 23rd APR - US Central Time
06:00 AM 23rd APR - US Eastern Time
11:00 AM 23rd APR - UK Time
03:30 PM 23rd APR - India Standard Time
05:00 PM 23rd APR - Indonesia Time
06:00 PM 23rd APR - Malaysia/Singapore
08:00 PM 23rd APR - Melbourne, Sydney
10:00 PM 23rd APR - New Zealand
This is an interactive, online team game. It is expected that you be online participating for the entire time to support your team. A team will have a number of roles and anyone missing will impact the ability of the team. It is expected you watch the tutorials that will be sent to you when you register in advance and have downloaded Discord and are setup up ready to use it. The more we can focus on game play versus the mechanics of how to play the game the better. You should also have access to Google Docs so you can access the sheet that is needed to play to game. Be prepared and come and have a lot of fun!!!!
TrackIt is a powerful game that allows you to learn about raising capital, planning, resource management, financial management, contract writing, negotiation, deal making and so much more. Set in the 1860's where railroads start spreading across the world, students operate in teams to build the most effective railway based on a number of criterion. The game will be a five hours game and may go a little longer to extract all the lessons each player got from the experience and plans to implement the lessons in life and business going forward. 

CAPITAL RAISING - In the game students get to study the market, here the pitches from each team and decide where to invest their money while at the same time pitching to the other teams to invest their money with them. 

PLANNING - In the game students need to plan for years in advance where they are going and be able to break it down month by month and see how close their execution can match their plan

RESOURCE MANAGEMENT - Teams will need to manage their resources carefully to make sure they are getting a good return on their resources or else the finances of the team can go backwards and bankruptcy can loom.

FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT -  A very competent accountant has to be able to manage their teams finances and investments to make sure that the development team is not spending all their money and blowing through all the reserves.

CONTRACT WRITING - Teams will need to be able to be innovative and come up with creative contracts to be able to win the game. Often the teams with the most number of high quality contracts will win the game as they are able to manipulate the rules (with permission) for their advantage. 

NEGOTIATION - There is a lot of negotiation in the game regarding the contracts, resources, strategy, track routes, media and reputation management and more and great negotiators will have a huge advantage. 

REPUTATION MANAGEMENT - Everything you do in the game is scrutinized by the media. Your derailments become national news. Use the media to announce new routes opening, carriage layouts, improved services and more. Manage any calamity along the way so it does not destroy your reputation and your financial stability. 

TEAMWORK - These games reveal how you are at teamwork. A championship team will do wonders compared to a team of champions who cannot work together. Constant communication will be critical for you to succeed at this game.  

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